About Leslie

I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, animal lover, nurturer, servant & follower of Jesus Christ and a Certified Professional Life Coach. I take each of these titles seriously and vow to grow in each of these responsibilities and have the utmost gratitude.

  • Teacher
  • Social Worker
  • Entrepeneur

In every JOB I have had the pleasure of experiencing I worked with integrity and always looked to bless whomever I was serving. I found people were always comfortable sharing with me and I found that people appreciated someone who would truly listen without judgment. Intentional and active listening and being fully present is the highest form of love you can show others. Being fully present and sensitive to others’ feelings is a true gift from God.

Strengths & Gifts

I am deeply aware of other’s feelings, needs and thoughts. I recognize and understand the importance of hearing and understanding what others have to say, along with nonverbal cues and tones of voice. I trust my intuition and let the Holy Spirit guide me. Making someone feel special, heard and loved gives me a great deal of satisfaction and joy. I do not judge others and I respect where they are in life along with their ideas and their journey. I don’t have all the answers, and I know I don’t need to have them….they are all within the heart and mind of the beholder. It is a true blessing to be able to partner with women who desire positive change, to guide them, support them & empower them. I believe God has a good plan for each individual and to be a vessel for His glory excites me to no end!

Hobbies & Lifelines

I am an avid reader of spiritual books, daily devotionals, and God’s word. I love inspirational authors and enjoy a good sermon! I find myself reading numerous books at once, and I am like a kid at the candy store at the local book store. I love to cook, and bake. I love animals, especially dogs, and would rescue them all if I could! I love to be creative, and I enjoy exercising, walking & just chilling at the beach! I love to host gatherings in my home and see my family and friends enjoying each other, this brings me great joy. I am blessed with ADHD, which allows me to hyperfocus on the things I find interesting, and also gives me that creative problem solving mind that doesn’t give up until I am fully satisfied with the end result. I love a good laugh, a funny book or movie and I live with a bunch of comedians. I say the glass is half full, and I want to keep filling it! My faith is my priority in my life and in my practice. I love meeting new people and I am excited to use my God given gifts and skills in this beautiful calling of coaching.

Graduate of Christian Coach Institute
College Graduate BA in Sociology

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“Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light to my path.”



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